My Daily Register is an android app that is completely customizable with a simple interface that also allows the creation multiple registers.

There are many programs that allow you to keep track of time , expenses etc. on a daily basis but for the most part are very rigid with what type of information you are able to capture.

This program lets you set up one or more registers (journals) each with it's own form and allows you to track just about anything on a daily basis, so for instance to memorize your daily work you could create a form that contains information similar a timesheet (for instance description, client, type of work , hours etc.) or another form to keep track of your expenses (expense category, description, amount etc.) or another register to keep track of your car petrol consumption (km,  amount, etc.) and so on. You can also take photos of receipts or other things.

You are also able to create and save multiple lists that can also be global and accessible across forms. These lists can be for instance “clients” , “work category” etc.

The fields (data) you can capture are date, time, text, numbers, lists , global lists, photos, gps location and barcodes.

We are using the program on a daily basis , as the saying goes "we eat our own dog food"

Full version (Not Free)

Multi Register
Lite version (Free)

Only one register allowed